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General medicine


Manufacturer: Welch Allyn

The Welch Allyn DuraShock DS54, DS55 and DS56 provide a traditional thumbscrew-style air release valve and identification labels that can be customised. The DS55 is available in four colour schemes - blue, yellow, red and black.


OMRON MicroAir Vibrating Mesh Nebulizing System

Manufacturer: Omron

Omron's smallest and most compact nebulizer for individuals with Asthma COPD or other respiratory disorders.

This new portable MicroAir Nebulizer weighs only ounces including the AA batteries.

The BAG II™ Disposable Resuscitator

Manufacturer: Laerdal 

Back by Popular Demand...the Swivel Function!
Due to an increased demand for the swivel function, we incorporated the feature back into the BAG II, which swivels a full 360 degrees! 

Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator

Manufacturer: Laerdal

The reusable resuscitator with design and performance based on over 35 years of experience.
Over the past 35 years, Laerdal Silicone Resuscitators have proven to be the leader in reusable silicone resuscitators. The new design enhances convenience and maintains the outstanding quality and economy healthcare professionals have come to rely on. 

Pocket mask

Manufacturer: Laerdal

The Laerdal Pocket Mask is especially designed to be used by the professional rescuer and first responder. It offers superior protection for both rescuer and victim. The Laerdal Pocket Mask combines a low resistance one-way valve with a disposable hydrophobic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions.

Face Shield

Manufacturer: Laerdal

Small in size and price...BIG in protection!


The low-cost solution for CPR rescue breathing. Features a high-quality 3M™ Filtrete™ hydrophobic filter built into a plastic sheet. Sold in packages of 50.

Helps overcome hesitation to start resuscitation
Helps prevent direct contact with victim's mouth, nose, and face
Bi-directional filter and imprinted graphic directions for use
Fits into wallets, pockets, small handbags, and first aid kits

Truview EVO2 laryngoscope

Manufacturer: Truphatek

Truview EVO2 Infant laryngoscope

Manufacturer: Truphatek

A new generation of intubation devices

Extends the Truview Evo concept into the field of neo-natal and pediatric anesthesiology.
Applicable for infants between 1.0 – 15.0 kilograms bodyweight, and for intubations in premature babies up to 2-year old children,
Provides a clear magnified glottic image that simplifies tracheal intubations and is available for diagnostic purposes.
Unique design:

TruLED rechargeble handle

Manufacturer: Truphatek

The Hospital Tech’s dream, a maintenance-free handle

Indestructibly engineered from stainless steel 316 that prevents normal wear & tear caused by repeated mounting of blades.

TruCharge charger

Manufacturer: Truphatek

Custom designed charger base for use exclusively with Green SpeX-R™ laryngoscope handles and rechargable Lithium Ion Battery Pack.

Modern Lithium Ion technology: Fastest charging Longest battery life No memory build up.
Safe, Reliable solution: Multicolour LEDs show change of status PCM element protects against short circuiting, overloading and over-discharging. 

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