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Company profile

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The H.S.- Medplan Ltd was established in 1993, for trading and servicing of medical equipment.
In the past 22 years, H.S.-Medplan Kft became a cross country well known medical equipment supplier and a successful export company.

The main activities of the company are the emergency care, anesthesia and intensive care, neonatology, home care, medical educational product supply.
Our suppliers are from all over the world, from Europe, USA and New-Zeeland.

We supply single products, packages with different equipment, participate on tenders and we are partner for turn key investment. We are contact directly with the hospitals, and contact with the investors and planners.

Our activity covers the whole country.

The staff and the property of the company were grown year after year. Now, the numbers of the employees are seven high educated engineers or sales people, all with English knowledge. Our 3 engineers have experience in electronic and mechanic.

The company located in Budapest, in the capital of the country, in our own property. We have daily warehouse in the same building and for big size products in the nearby. We have wide possibilities in communication, via phone, fax, e-mails and express mail. With our transport fleet we are able to delivery all kind of products. Our property and the company is debt free, our financial history is clear.

Our company’s quality insurance is certificated by ISO 9001:2009 from 2002 and our documentation system follows the requirement of CE mark regulation.

Further information can be furnished upon request.