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Toboga basket strecher

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Toboga 16100 model
Toboga 16102 model
Toboga with lifting harness and floating system

Manufacturer: Meber

Composed of an outer shell made of modified ABS polymer which is supported by a permanently fixed, strong aluminium frame. Total of 12 hand grips make it easy to handle. Chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant body. Strong brass grommets are strategically located to enable the usage of Art. 16100-001 lifting briddle accessory. Black coloured EVA foam lying pad is fixed inside the stretcher for patient comfort. Includes 4 fastening belts easily relocated in each position depending on the size of patient. Includes adjustable foot support made of same material as the shell. Underneath the shell there are 3 moulded-in runners that make it easy to use in water, snow and rough terrain.

16102 model is made of two halves which enable an easy storage and carrying. The 2 halves are fixed together with very strong aluminium rods that are locked together with steel pins.

Length 216 cm
Width 61 cm
Height 17 cm
Weight 15 kg
Load 300 kg

Article codes:
16100 Toboga with belts and foot support
16102 Toboga with belts and foot support, foldable
16100-001 Lifting harness
1610-002 Floating system
16102-001 Toboga bag for 16102 model only