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Shower Trolley TR 2000

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Product FactShower Trolley TR 2000 - Hydraulic operated

Manufacturer: TR Equipment

TR 2000 is a hydraulic operated Shower Trolley and is unique with its side mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed surface further for a safe and easy person transfer. The trolley side rails are secured before transferring away from bed and can be folded inwards when passing through narrow doorways.

The shower trolley height adjustment is foot operated to give the attendant both hands free to tend the person. It can also be tilted to a “Trendelenburg” position. TR 2000 has a Working Load Limit of 150 kilos / 330 lb .


- TR 2000 Shower trolley, hydraulic, Standard, L= 1900 mm / 75”
- TR 2000-S Shower trolley, hydraulic, Pediatric, L= 1600 mm / 63”
- TR 2000-L Shower trolley, hydraulic, Long, L= 2100 mm / 83"

- All models can be delivered with factory mounted set of castors to increase chassis height to 135 mm to allow sling lift transfers onto trolley stretcher.
- All models can be delivered with blue or yellow mattress and pillow.

- Backrest wedge pillow