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Inspiration LS ventilator

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Manufacturer: eVent Medical

Providing treatment for the smallest neonate to the largest adult, the Inspiration LS is designed to be the only ventilation product you will need. With a full suite of hybrid and traditional modalities, as well as NIV and NCPAP+, all your patient’s needs can be met without having to switch to another device.

With the best warranty and low cost of ownership, how can you afford NOT to buy an Inspiration.

Product Features

  • High Performance / PSOL and active exhalation
  • Intuitive touch screen user interface
  • Neonate through adult
  • Hybrid and Auto weaning modalities
  • Invasive and noninvasive
  • Feedback-controlled NCPAP and NCPAP with a rate
  • Extensive transport capabilities
  • Remote internet viewing – wireless or direct
  • Heliox delivery with minimal to no waste
  • Integral nebulizer (user configurable settings)

Modes of ventilation:

  • V-CMV
  • V-SIMV
  • P-CMV
  • P-SIMV
  • VTV
  • PRVC
  • PSV
  • SPAP
  • Auto Mode