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Infant Flow SiPAP

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Infant Flow SiPAP

Manufacturer: E.M.E. / Viasys / CareFusion

While many tiny babies born with severe lung disease and other complications of prematurity require invasive ventilatory support, certain patients may benefit from a non-invasive approach incorporating bi-level nasal CPAP and avoid the need for intubation. Still others may be successfully weaned from invasive ventilation earlier with a bi-level approach. Infant Flow® SiPAP™ provides bi-level nasal CPAP for the spontaneously breathing neonate through delivery of sighs above a baseline NCPAP pressure. These sighs may be timed, at a rate specified by the clinician, or *triggered by the patient's own inspiratory efforts.

The expanded capabilities of the Infant Flow® SiPAP™ Plus and Comprehensive* configurations combined with outstanding performance of the Infant Flow Generator may offer certain benefits when compared with conventional nasal CPAP and allow for applications to a broader range of patients who may otherwise not be candidates for non-invasive respiratory support from NCPAP alone.

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