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Ergon scoop strecher

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Ergon open
Ergon FlexiLock system
Ergon in green / blue version
Ergon in yellow / blue version
X-FIX snap hook belt restraining system
X-LOCK ergonomic head immobilizer

Manufacturer: Meber

ERGON designed and developped by rescue operators and emergency devices expert technicians to offer outstanding performances, never achieved before. Guarantees maximum patient's comfort in the main decubitus areas thanks to a special soft material moulded on a high resistance plasti polymer (Me.Ber. exclusive HC3 - High Comfort Composite Cell). Besides patient's comfort, ERGON is designed to assist rescuers and operators thanks to unique solutions. The handles are linde with HC3 and are inclined of 20° so to allow the best grip. Special eyelets and pins have been positioned along the handles to easily fix snap hooks straps. The distance between the two halves is just 25 mm This enable a perfect containment of the spinal column if compared to those normal scoop stretchers which are separated by 80 mm. The shape of the blade is therefore larger and has been designed to be easily and gradually placed between the atient and the ground. The use of HC3 material grants an overall structural stability and allows high thermal insulation. This helps to prevent hypothermia and, thanks to the stretcher design, enable to extend the stay of the patient on the device.

A further technologic revolution is the use of the FlexiLock (patent pending) articulated locking device which enables both to separate the stretcher in two halves and to rescue in unnatural positions and tough situations. Then, beside the standard rescue techniques, Ergon enables to easili carry out rescuing operations in difficult and uncomfortable places even when the patient is in critical conditions.

Length max. 201, min. 165, folded 120 cm
Width 43 cm
Height 7,5 cm, when folded 9 cm
Weight 10 kg
Load 150 kg

Article codes:
16150/V Ergon in green / blue version
16150/G Ergon in yellow / blue version
9156 X-FIX snap hook belt restraining system
9150 X-LOCK ergonomic head immobilizer

More info: ERGON