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EMS Compact stretcher

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EMS Compact military stretcher
Military folded
Military backpack
Civil open
Civil backpack

Manufacturer: Shoshana Metal

The EMSCompact Stretcher, our flagship state-of-the-art 8 fold stretcher, is a revolution in Emergency Medical Equipment Engineering. Weighting at only 5.0 kg (11 lbs), it folds to an astonishing 50 cm (19.7 ins) in height, so that it slips neatly into its backpack case, leaving the personnel hands free to deal with any emergency.

The EMSCompact Stretcher is the lightest most compact and flexible stretcher available in the EMS market today.

When every second matters and rescue personnel have an increasingly heavy load to carry, you can count on the EMSCompact Stretcher to allow them to get on with the job of saving lives!


The Compact Size - makes the EMSCompact Stretcher the Perfect Battlefield stretcher in terms of an easy carrying in a backpack and the convenience of storage in vehicles and facilities. Our EMSCompact Stretcher folds to the amazing size of only 50 cm!!

Light weight – the EMSCompact Stretcher is significantly lighter than any of the other emergency stretchers in the market today - only 5.0 kg!!

The simplicity of extending and folding – the special mechanism of the EMSCompact Stretcher doesn't require much training and practicing. It's very user friendly - folding and extending it should not take more than approximately 7-10 seconds.

The EMSCompact Stretcher is the perfect stretcher for the job; lightweight, small and portable, and so easy to use.

Our EMSCompact Stretcher comes in standard Olive Green, Black and Orange PVC fabric, and in Green PVC Mesh. We can also provide it in any other color according to our customer’s request.