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DUCK spinal board

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DUCK spinal board with immobilization belts
Colour range
Kids head immobilizer

Manufacturer: Meber

Designed for immobilization and transport of children with height up to 120 cm. This spinal board has been produced with plastic material at high strenght and studied paying particular attention to the problems connected to daily interventions. It has 4 holes for the quick and total fixing of the head immobilizer and 2 cavities where the board lays on the floor, when base is blocked in traditional way, that allow to avoid damages to the rip-off straps during the usage of the spinal board or its accomodation in the ambulance.
It has 10 handles for the transport.
It allows preliminary disgnostic under X-ray and it’s available in 3 different colours: yellow, orange and blue.

125 x 41 x 5 cm, 4 kg
Load: 100 kg

Article codes:
9022 Yellow DUCK paedatric spinal board
9024 Orange DUCK paedatric spinal board
9026 Blue DUCK paedatric spinal board
692 SPIDER BABY immobilization belts
627 KIDS paediatric head immobilizer