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BIG IO device

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Bone Injection Gun, Adult
Bone Injection Gun, Paediatric
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Manufacturer: Waismed

Emergency Medicine

The Adult BIG (Bone Injection Gun) was introduced to Emergency Medicine in 2000 as the world’s first automatic Intraosseous (IO) infusion device. Shortly afterwards, the ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation) approved IO infusion for patients above the age of 6. Presently, the Adult B.I.G. is used by thousands of militaries, paramedics, and physicians around the world. In many hospitals the Adult B.I.G. has eliminated the need for Central Venous Catheter (CVC). In pre-hospital and military situations the Adult B.I.G. is a safe, quick and easy solution when IV placement is difficult or impossible. The Adult B.I.G. is becoming a standard device in Emergency Medicine, helping save lives every day.

Military Medicine

Medical studies have proven that survival rates for serious field casualties can depend on the immediate administration of fluids to stabilize shock. When every second counts, delays in placing an IV line can be fatal. For nuclear or biological warfare casualties, Intraosseous (IO) infusion is the only viable system for IV access.

The Adult B.I.G. enables rapid, safe and easy IV access directly through the bone marrow. Within 1 minute, the Adult B.I.G. can effectively administer fluids and medications under field conditions. The Adult B.I.G. safely avoids contact with a patient’s blood, though it is also suitable for blood transfusion. In Emergency and Military Medicine, the Adult B.I.G. should be standard equipment in every medic and paramedic's bag.



The practice of regional, particularly peripheral, anesthesia is on the rise, due to the increasing number of surgical procedures and the growing body of clinical evidence supporting its advantage over general anesthesia. Other factors include the drive to speed up patient turnover in hospitals, since recovery time for regional anesthesia is usually shorter than general anesthesia.1

Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (IRAT) is especially difficult to perform in operations on the upper and lower limbs; as an alternative, studies have found Intraosseous Regional Anesthesia (IORA) to be more effective. IORA allows anesthetic material to disperse into the tissues, similar to intravenous perfusion. The Adult B.I.G. allows for safe and effective administration of IORA by rapidly and accurately infusing fluid into spongeous bone in the epiphysis or metaphysis of the upper and lower limbs.


The Pediatric BIG (Bone Injection Gun) is an automatic intraosseous infusion device that provides rapid, safe and easy intravascular access through the bone marrow. The Pediatric B.I.G. is an effective alternative for intravascular access during pediatric trauma and emergencies. In addition to pre-hospital application, the Pediatric B.I.G. can be administered for in-hospital anesthesia.

Emergency Medicine - Pediatric B.I.G.:

Pediatric IOI (IntraOsseous Infusion) is a well-known procedure; however, when it was performed with manual needles, it was administered as a last resort. The introduction of the BIG (Bone Injection Gun) as the world’s first automatic IO device has allowed for rapid, safe and easy penetration in both adult and pediatric patients. The user-friendly Pediatric B.I.G. provides physicians and paramedics the ability to establish IO access on pediatric patients without any barriers. The Pediatric B.I.G. is becoming a standard device in Emergency Medicine, helping save lives every day.