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Amelux photo therapy system

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Amelux photo therapy system

Manufacturer: Ardo

The compact and effective phototherapy light system for the treatment of hyperbilirubinaemia in premature and newborn babies. Many hospitals value this equipment which is efficient and easy to use and incorporates reliable technology for which ARDO is renowned.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective phototherapy from 6 Compact Fluorescent Lamps, optimum reflectors provide a focused light field
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully adjustable (height and angle)
  • Built-in total run hour timer
  • The specially developed Air Convection System ensures that unwanted heat is discharged through the air vents in the heating unit without a fan.
  • Especially quiet thanks Air Convection
  • Straightforward use
  • Long life lamps (2'000 hours)


  • Blue light for effective and intensive therapy
  • Blue and white light combined for effective therapy and pleasant mixed light for nursing staff
  • White light only for care and observation