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Aeroneb Solo nebulizer

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Aeroneb Solo

Manufacturer: Aerogen

The Aeroneb® Solo nebulizer is the latest addition to the Aeroneb nebulizer product line. It is designed for use with mechanically ventilated patients and features all the advantages of the Aeroneb Pro but with the increased convenience of being a single patient use device.

Representing a new dimension in acute care nebulization, the Aeroneb Solo is the first single patient use, high efficiency nebulizer available in the critical care setting. It enables care givers dual functionality as it is designed to operate in both intermittent and continuous nebulization modes whereby the care giver can easily alternate between both. Continuous nebulization is available only when the Aeroneb Solo is used in conjuction with the Aeroneb Pro-X controller.

The Aeroneb Solo is suitable for use with all patient groups from neonates through adults. Like the Aeroneb Pro nebulizer, the Aeroneb Solo is virtually silent when in use, it adds no additional airflow to the ventilation circuit therefore it does not trigger false and unnecessary ventilator alarms.

The Aeroneb Solo is easy to set up and operate and nebulizes practically all of the medication, thereby resulting in costs savings with respect to drug usage and human resources. A complete product line of single patient use connectors are available to enable insertion into adult, pediatric and neonatal ventilation circuits.

No other nebulizer offers such flexibility and when coupled with the same high efficiency that our customers have become accustomed to with the Aeroneb Pro nebulizer, the Aeroneb Solo creates a new standard of care for nebulization of mechanically ventilated patients.

Article code:
AG-AP3000 Aerogen Solo Starter Kit