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Aeroneb Pro nebulizer

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Aeroneb Pro nebulizer system

Manufacturer: Aerogen

The Aeroneb® Professional Nebulizer is the first major technological advance in more than 20 years specifically designed for patients requiring aerosolized therapy while on mechanical ventilation.

The Aeroneb Pro improves drug delivery efficiency and offers the potential to reduce drug and personnel costs associated with in-patient treatments while maintaining the integrity of ventilator-dependent care.

The Aeroneb Pro overcomes the limitations posed by current methods of in-line aerosolization, including low deposition of drug in the lungs, frequent ventilator interruption, interference with ventilator performance and heat degradation of medication.

The actual nebulizer itself is reusable with a 12 month warranty and can be sterilized by a number of different methods. The Aeroneb Pro is powered by the Aeroneb Pro Controller.

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AG-AP6000 Aerogen Pro System